Friday, April 24, 2009

Start A Trend

Ok.  So I get all of my thoughts & inspiration while in the shower....about the only time (with 3 kids at home) I have alone so that I can think and process and compose a finished thought without being interrupted.  So now I am hurriedly trying to compose those thougthts into a written post while they are busy playing (we take Fridays off of homeschool).  

I was thinking about the fact that the "latest trend" in Hollywood amongst a few celebrities is to adopt children from Africa. (Although I don't follow the latest Hollywood gossip closely, I do go grocery shopping about twice a week usually and I see the magazine rack in the checkout line). ANYWAY, about it being a trend, I say "BRING IT ON!!"  It should be a trend!!  I hope it becomes so much of a trend that we no longer have any orphans left.  (I know, wishful thinking, but I like to DREAM BIG!)  God can use even those celebrities who don't know Him or care to know Him to bring about change, to create awareness, to stir people's hearts into action, and to ultimately show His face in the love that follows, the service that is ignited, and the glory that shines through His children FOR HIM and TO HIM!!  Even though this is not the catalyst that brought us to the decision to adopt, I was aware of it (Angelina & Brad specifically) and it showed me that if they can do it, we CERTAINLY can do it too!  So let's get on the bandwagon & start a "trend" for HIS glory and for HIS children around the world.

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