Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok. While I am waiting to hear about a court date, I wanted to ask all of you adoption bloggers out there who have already gone through this a few questions...

1) What would be the best use of my time while we wait in this stage? I am feeling anxiety and shortness of breath often these days in anticipation of needing to make possible travel plans, but not wanting to get ahead of myself (or able to get ahead of myself) before we even know when we will be going.

2) Speaking of travel, how many of you used a travel agency? Would you recommend it, or did you make travel plans on your own? What happens in case of emergency? A friend who has been to Africa before told me it is much cheaper to fly into Asmara (a few hours north in Eritrea) and then drive into Addis. (??) Not sure it would be worth it, however. Any thoughts?

3) When did you start purchasing your humanitarian aid items?

4) (For those of you with toddler sons at time of placement.....) to circ or not to circ????

Please pray for my anxiety. And please tell me it's normal!! I am trying to arm myself with knowledge by reading the recommended books, and I would like to try and get some things done now before "crunch" time---I'm just not sure where to start. For starters, though, I know I need to get into the Word more to calm my fears. Pray that I make time for that most of all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Celebrating Ethiopian Style

I was able to find an authentic Ethiopian restaurant about 30 minutes south of us (and the ONLY one in Utah) where we could celebrate our momentous day! The food was really tasty! Even the kids tried it (and liked most of the non-spicy stuff). If you like sourdough bread, you will like injera. I did! We made connections with the owners, and we look forward to getting to know this little Ethiopian community. My stepfather already knows the cousin of the owner, and Tony is their relatives' doctor, so we are already "like family". We'll definitely be back! We look forward to introducing our son to them soon!

And as an added BONUS, God gave us a reminder of His promises and of His good gifts--- THE BRIGHTEST DOUBLE RAINBOW WE HAVE EVER SEEN!! What a blessing on this glorious day!

Referral Day!!??!!!

We have only been waiting 2 months and 1 week for our referral!!! We got THE CALL this a.m. I am still on cloud 9! The kids and I had to wait 2 more hours until my hubby could come home and see the pictures on his lunch break. But the wait was soooo worth it! He is absolutely beautiful!! A precious angel!! He is 15 months old! Now I know what everyone is talking about regarding the emotions! I can't stop thinking about him and looking at his beautiful face! It is so bittersweet when I think about his birthparents. I am thanking God for his amazing love and perfect gifts. I don't take this gift He has given us lightly. I pray that we can meet G's birthparents someday in heaven. Here we are "meeting" our son for the first time--and he is forever burned into our hearts! We love you G!!!