Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God's Hand is in the details

I just wanted to point out how I feel God is working in the details even when we sometimes question--- "what are we doing?"  "why are we doing this?"  "can we handle this?"  "is this the right thing to do?"  "Is God with us in this process?"  

He always gives me a resounding "YES!!  You CAN do this with My help, it IS right, and I am right here with you!!"  I know because it says in His Word over and over again that we are to care for widows & orphans, but also because, more personally, He has placed significant hurdles in this adoption process right ON specific/significant dates:
7/16--K ran away  (Dd's birthday)
2/10--Gladney approved!  (Dh's birthday)
4/6-- On waitlist!  (oldest dd's birthday)

Not a coincidence!

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